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Mellow Days playlist at Apple

We all need to find our happy place now and then, and these serene, uplifting pop songs are ready to guide you there. Hit pause on life and float along with a set of sweet beats and easygoing melodies. Our editors regularly refresh this playlist. If you like a track, add it to your library.

Solange is back

In the three years since her seminal album A Seat at the Table, Solange has broadened her artistic reach, expanding her work to museum installations, unconventional live performances, and striking videos. With her fourth album, When I Get Home, the singer continues to push her vision forward with an exploration of roots and their lifelong […]

Rein Her In – Manu Grace

There’s nothing forced or rushed about Manu Grace’s June. The multi-instrumentalist fashioned her debut with Beatenberg musicians Ross Dorkin and Robin Brink, and their care and precision is reflected in “Saturday Night”, a track that blends Grace’s staccato yet melodic voice with an oscillating beat. Meanwhile, “Rudely Conspicuous” demonstrates the Cape Town songwriter’s flair for […]