Day: June 6, 2019

Wandour Delivers Atmospheric Electronic Downtempo EP ‘Night Wandering’

Emerged from the mystery of night, Wandour, is here to deliver unique twist of beats and melodies that speaks to your mind and body uncommonly. Seeking cosmic transcendence through the medium of sound, Wandour’s music takes you on a full audio journey to disengage from the conquered realities, and to traverse through the unknowns. Inspired […]

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MIXTAPED HIP HOP DROPS: Kamron Bahani Comes Out With His latest album “Thy Fear, Thy Fall, Thy Succeed“

Kamron Bahani is a hip-hop artist out of Manhattan, NY. His style is reminiscent of the boom-bap era conjoined with a contemporary twist. His inspirations draw from sound more than anything; as a child, he was never opposed to any form of music. Every shade and color of sound created a different sense of Nostalgia. […]

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Mixtaped Presents: London based producers Chan Gibbons & DJ Aldo Pasha as they reveal their latest ‘Reflection’ EP

Showcasing a collection of deep & soulful House cuts – London based producers Chan Gibbons & DJ Aldo Pasha drop their latest ‘Reflection’ EP. Both hailing from East London, they first crossed paths at a nearby nightclub & soon became clear they had shared interests in electronica. Since that chance meeting, they’ve quickly gone onto […]

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