Day: May 18, 2021

Joseph C Guess started writing poetry to release stress; one of his poems became a song called ‘Larisa’, dedicated to his wife

Joseph C Guess grew up in a music family but didn’t realise his music talent until much later on in his life. Although he didn’t discover his music talent at first, writing poetry became an outlet for him as a teenager. “I didn’t appreciate music earlier on probably because it reminded me of being the […]

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Artist Toriyama’s new music ‘For The People Tho’ is a free gift for everyone and sung for those in the pandemic

On April 24th, 2021 Artist Toriyama put out a free mixtape on entitled ‘For The People Tho’. This is his first solo project. It’s about uplifting yourself, being liberated but not too serious. Ajgod another artist from Kurse Krew produced most of the songs and mixed everything. He produced tracks like Sharif, Losin & […]

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Rapper Nola B is making the most of his time with his latest music release called ‘Book of Nola 2’

Pressure seems to be the new phrase, or whatever some kids in their room made up yesterday and became “instafamous”. This isn’t that. This is real bars. Imagine a solider coming home and not having a place. There are somethings in life that cause you to stop and say “HE’S SERIOUS”. Maybe it can be […]

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