Day: June 9, 2022

‘Rockstar Yogie ‘ a rapper of Puerto Rican descent drops new single “Alter Egø”

Florida rapper, Rockstar Yogie released single “Alter Egø” to debut in upcoming album “Nevermind to the nights up till 3”. Rockstar Yogie, a rapper of Puerto Rican descent, combines a profusion of trap, screamo, and hip hop genres to create his very much own style in “Alter Egø.” Influenced by […]

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‘David Lee King’ visioned an orb of rhythm elements and listeners being inside that sphere on new single ‘Heal’

David Lee King’s “Heal” is a rhythmic sensation of a new calling genre , Flow, with innovativebass and 3D sounds. “Heal” transponds light and love with a helping hand and heart melodically through artist David Lee King’s frequency. Calling within his deepest and highest self, King created the next greatest […]

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