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Sweet as honey and sexy as disco, modern soulful diva ‘Angelle’ beams us up to a heavenly ‘Studio 54’ that sticks in your head and stays on your hips

Lights, Camera, Action. ‘Angelle’ has arrived with her brand new single ‘Studio 54’. Angelle’s new single, “Studio 54” will bring light to the sound of pop/dance music. Studio 54 by Angelle is a sleek, classy, sexy, melodic and powerful new disco meets 80’s single. Already compared to the likes of The Weather Girls, Gloria Gaynor, […]

MIXTAPED BEST NEW INDUSTRIAL CAJUN SYNTH OF 2020: ‘SINthetik Messiah’ arrive in well crafted synthesiser style, with the powerful, emotionally touching and industrial sound of stunning new dark E.P ‘Split Damage’

Cajun electro/industrial act SINthetik Messiah has released a new EP, titled Split Damage. Although his past work has taken on the more abrasive sounds of industrial, rock, and aggressive electro, the EP’s two tracks find Bug Gigabyte pursuing a down-tempo atmospheric style, which he describes as “post-trip-hop.” Appearing on the EP’s first track, “Languish,” is […]

MIXTAPED COOL NEW ELECTRONIC MUSIC DROPS OF 2020: French composer, performer & electronic music producer ‘AstroVoyager’ drops an uplifting, euphoric, heavenly cut with a strong message about world change with sleek new French pop single ‘We Can Change Our Way’ EP with it’s positive world message

Revered French artist, AstroVoyager (real name Philippe Fagnoni) touches back down with his highly anticipated release – ‘We Can Change Our Way’.  A euphoric yet rhythmic track & one that is full of hope, during these challenging times. MIXTAPED COOL NEW ELECTRONIC MUSIC DROPS OF 2020: French composer, performer & electronic music producer ‘AstroVoyager’ drops […]

MIXTAPED EDM SPOTLIGHT: ‘BAzzJoke’ releases a cinematic music video and catchy, smooth and laid back EDM single ‘Into The Blue’ feat. Marc

BAzzJoke is a music producer with a focus on creating tracks influenced by melodic house, deep and other branches of EDM. Recently, he dropped a brand new studio effort titled “Into The Blue,” which highlights his ability to set the bar higher with some world-class productions, as well as his focus on great melodies and […]

MIXTAPED SUPERIOR DANCE AND POP CUTS: So Much for Lady Ga Ga, ‘Ezmusgita’ has arrived! and unleashes a spacey, outer worldly, bleepy, electronic and alternative cult dance vibe on ‘Flame’.

‘Ezmusgita’ is an inventive, creative and ‘Bowie’ chameleon style artist who changes into different pop, synth and dance guises as she rises up in the music world. ‘Ezmusgita’ releases her debut single ‘Flame’ after cryptic messages of cult origin were found scrawled on forms and chat rooms across the globe anticipating it’s release. ‘Ezmusgita’ drops […]

‘Keldamuzik’ scores huge placement deal with her single ‘I Don’t Care’

Music artist Keldamuzik is happy to announce the placement of her latest song “I Don’t Care” which was featured on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I Don’t Care” is a single from her 4th album “Diva TV, ” which stemmed from her reality TV series that aired in the early 2000’s called Diva TV. […]

MIXTAPED DANCE DROPS OF 2020: ‘Nathassia’ is back with a tantalising, energetic, powerful dance cut with the Pink Panda remix of her single ‘Contagious’

Following ‘Light Of The World’, Nathassia touches back down with the Pink Panda remix of her single ‘Contagious‘ – signed to ArchangelUK. Dutch born artist, Nathassia (pronounced Natasha) emanates a rare & mesmerising quality throughout her live performances. Described as “The new face of Dance culture” & “Tori Amos for the Kiss FM generation” – […]

‘ROMBE4T’ takes you on a powerful rhythmic dance journey from house to garage and back, ‘Rock To The Rhythm’ lives up to it’s name!

ROMBE4T is making quite a name for himself in the house and techno music arena. His recipe for success simply consists of staying on top of your grind. ROMBE4T takes you on a powerful rhythmic dance journey, from house to garage and back, ‘Rock To The Rhythm’ lives up to it’s name! – Mixtaped House […]

MIXTAPED ELECTRONIC DROP OF THE WEEK: The extraordinary ‘Paul Fishman’ from successful 80’s pop band ‘Re-Flex’ returns in 2020 with a new futuristic ambient sound with double album ‘About Time, Part I&II’

After co-producing the obscure electronic record Zee Identity from Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright, Paul Fishman has returned to the experimental electronic music scene with his first solo record in 15 years. “It’s About Time” is a two-part record that contains elements of ambiance, electronica and cyber-funk. It’s About Time, Part I&II will be officially released […]

MIXTAPED TOP ELECTRONIC DROPS 2020: Multi-Platinum DJ/Producer ‘White N3rd’ lets loose the stylish, sexy and uplifting ‘Adore U’ (U Got It Bad) ft. Daniel De Bourg

White N3rd (a.k.a. Scott Wild) is a British record producer and songwriter who has carved out a successful career in electronic dance music. While at college, he started out producing dance music in his bedroom studio. Inspired by mid-90s hip-hop & the UK rave scene, his early bootlegs/remixes of artists such as Diplo, Michael Jackson, […]