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MIXTAPED LOCKDOWN RAP TRAP LORDS OF 2020:‘Grimey Hussein’ shoots straight outta the New Jersey Rap scene going lockdown Trap Rap Global with dope new drop ‘Pandemic’ Ft. Gmvcc Bandz

Hailing from Plainfield , New Jersey, Grimey Hussein is starting to make an impact in The New Jersey rap scene. Grimey Hussein has released several singles that can be found on All platforms. Grimey Hussein has a list of videos that you can also view on YouTube. Grimey Hussein’s music is a mix of 90’s […]

MIXTAPED KINGS OF R&B 2020: ‘Linnon Stylz’ presents new single ‘Crown Me’ (The New King of R’n’B)

Haven’t heard of Linnon Stylz yet? Where have you been living all this while, underneath some sort of rock? ‘Cause that’s the only imaginable explanation why you ain’t heard of this brand new age of R&B. And honestly, I suggest you get yourself out from under that rock as quickly as possible, so that you […]

MIXTAPED MIDNIGHT R&B GEMS OF 2020: ‘Zeek’ releases the soothing & mesmerizing Soul/R&B Single ‘Sunshine’ off his EP ‘Seasons Change’

Isaac Zeeky Thompson a.k.a Zeek releases his latest mesmerizing and powerful soul single ‘Sunshine.’ The release comes at you with swift lyricism and groovy instrumentation that makes the whole record worth every second. With uplifting lyricism, this rising artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that he is the […]

Rising north west UK rapper ‘Papirus’ is back with radical new album ‘7 Scrolls’

Papirus is a rising star from the North West UK. The singer/songwriter & rapper is about to release his second Album called ‘7 Scrolls’ which you really don’t want to miss out on. With catchy melodies, sharp lyricism, bouncy flows and street grit, its got the vibe a lot want to hear. The new album […]

MIXTAPED RADICAL AND DOPE AUDIO COMEDY OF 2020: ‘Kusmania – In a Coma’ is a movie sized audio story and production in different genres and styles that will keep you gripped!

Kusmania – In A Coma is the quirky, new release from Exeter, Pennsylvania. Interestingly, Kusmania is a ‘comedic musical journey inside the mind of a coma patient.’  Taking musical influence from the likes of Tenacious D, The Lonely Island, and Weird Al, this album is sure to be nothing like you have listened to before.  […]

Mixing up genres, fusing melodies and decades, ‘N2BLÜ’ take us in a different direction with their ‘Folky Depeche Mode’ sound and infectious mountain sized pop mood on the giant ‘Better Now’

Pop Dance masters N2BLÜ return in true style with an incredible, epic and different pop single. The new single ‘Better Now’ comes packed with an electro ‘Cloudbusting’ beat vibe and ‘The Might be Giants’ pop flair and could be their biggest hit yet. Shimmering synths, pounding drums, warm sensitive vocals and lyrics, 80’s pop sensibility […]

Deep pumping beats and hip-hop vibes with a radical and cool Trap spit, Thamatic feat. Kevin Hues, Jay Mundo drop some dope ‘Medicine’

After the success of the EDM futuristic concept EP “The Cyberpunk Trilogy“, Thamatic is making a mixtape to band together and collaborate with other musicians. MEDICINE is a CHICAGO artist collaboration with Thamatic, Kevin Hues and Jay Mundo. The Chicago-based cyberpunk styled band Thamatic – who blend EDM and synthwave with alternative rock structures. They […]

MIXTAPED SMOKING HOT HIP-HOP: ‘KahMenCents P2DaJ’ drops the energetic, vibrant, dope cool, fresh flow of ‘I Got it Made’

‘Songwriter and rapper KahMenCents P2DaJ knows how to create a perfect vibe with his ability in the hip hop music. This 32 year old rapper born in Killen, Texas, and residing in Dallas is showing the music industry that is time for a new authentic high energy sound that can only be called the future […]

“ I wanna feel that way again! sing ‘N2BLÜ’ on the uplifting, electronic, stomping pop track ‘Again’

The incredible N2BLÜ are back again with the energetic, well produced, synth pop, house and dance single ‘Again’. When asked about the meaning and inspiration behind the powerful new single, they revealed that: Romantic nostalgia is the inspiration behind ‘Again’ Just when you think you’re done with Love, you find out that Love isn’t done […]

RAP AND HIP-HOP 2020 FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK: Yayo Mike’ drops the dope ‘Back in The Day’ from the #ThebackInthedaychallenge spitting real life efficient bars

So…Boom! There was a challenge going on called #ThebackInthedaychallenge trending via social media. When I heard “everything is Khroam in the future” and the beat drop My decision was already made; I was going to finesse that beat. I made “the stink face” and thought to my self that I wanted parts of it but […]