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Mixing up EDM Electro with real life issues, N2BLÜ speak about their ‘Phoenix Heart

Synth pop and Independent electro dance pioneers N2BLÜ return with a hot, warm and strong new single entitled ‘Phoenix Heart’. ‘Phoenix Heart’ delivers a strong personal message of strength and resilience through hard times and pain. We asked Jonathan Arceneaux what the song was about and he said ” ‘Phoenix Heart’ is a very personal […]

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Breaking Down Barriers and exciting Pop Fans at the same time, N2BLÜ are back with a ‘Unicorn Tribe’

N2BLÜ are back and continue their Electro Dance Pop assault on the EDM music world. Their new single is entitled  ‘Unicorn Tribe’ and is gathering a tribe of electronic music fans globally. We recently tracked the Pop Dance outfit down and asked them what the Unicorn Tribe is all about ? “Unicorn Tribe is about […]

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MIXTAPED ELECTRONIC: N2BLÜ drop a sensitive and catchy sleek ‘Hazel Dean’ meets ‘Frankie’ esque club dance pop cut with ‘King of Broken Hearts’

N2BLÜ are back with another pop dance hit in the form of ‘King of Broken Hearts’. ‘King of Broken Hearts’ follows their well supported LGBTQIA global smash ‘NSA’. When asked about the meaning behind the song, Jonathan Arceneaux from the world famous dance pop act N2BLÜ said: “King of Broken Hearts is a biographical look […]

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