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Luca Draccar’s latest EP ‘419’ is a passionate and explosive ode to lust and rush.

‘419’ stands for FOR ONE NIGHT, an homage to the one night stand- to love intensely and forget quickly. The brief EP is packed with passion and feeling as the opening track ‘Dadaism’ softly permeates into existence through spacious pads, distant chords, and ambient dribbling kicks. As the fire rises thunderous percussion takes center stage […]

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Luca Draccar Releases Energy-Infused & Club-Ready Techno EP ‘Soul Grabber’

Luca Draccar returns for his newest EP “Soul Grabber.” The five-track EP radiates unrivaled energy as the record will take audiences on a transcending sonic journey. Through pulsating synths, ethereal strings, groove-inducing rhythms, speaker-rattling kicks, and euphoric arrangements, Luca delivers a techno EP that will captivate any electronic aficionado and underground music lover. Radiating a […]

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MIXTAPED HOUSE: A mix of experimental deep and dark house sounds drops from ‘Luca Draccar’ and his epic ‘Flamboyant’

Producer and DJ Luca Draccar returns to the music world with an absolutely fabulous new EP called Flamboyant. As evidenced from the project’s title, Luca offers a gripping musical journey that is sure to enhance the listening stimuli of his audience. He is known for adding a soulful and exotic edge to techno and electronic […]

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