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Ohio based performer Briya Jordan has released the first single, ‘Out Grew’ off of her new album ‘Night After Night’

Cleveland, Ohio based singer Briya Jordan is well known for mixing current southern trap beats with crooner/jazz vocals and uniquely creating catchy melodies. She is also a dynamic performer and delivers unforgettable shows to her fans; winning them over very quickly with her amazing vocals. She has just released at 16 track album entitled ‘Night […]

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Blind Season’s upcoming album and single is ‘One Final Goodbye’ to loneliness and toxicity

Rock and Roll and turbulent relationships have gone hand in hand sincethe beginning of time. The origins of Blind Season are no different.Beginning with a rag tag group only forming through the means of owninginstruments, and an evening involving the smashing of a mutual friend’scar, Blind Season had undergone 5 different incarnations until ShaneSigro, the […]

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