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Mixing up a Hot Afro-fusion and Urban variety, Carmen Amaka delivers ‘Lean On My Shoulder ft. C-Mart & Lirical’

She allures her fans with both looks and a gentle wave of Afrobeats. We found a new vibe in town and her name is Carmen Amaka. The Afropop singer is just out with her new and latest song, ‘Lean On My Shoulder ft. C-Mart & Lirical. Released November 27, 2020, this song carries all the […]

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MIXTAPED BEST POP NEWCOMERS: Nigerian artist ‘Agu Vibes’ lets loose his vibrant debut single “Compromised” with it’s driving, warm, electronic beach vibes!

Agu Vibes Releases Debut Single “Compromised”. UK based songwriter Agu Vibes made his debut to all streaming platforms with his single “Compromised”. The track features Agu Vibes soulful vocals layered over a bouncy beat. The main feature of the song is the drop in the hook which puts an EDM spin on the track to […]

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‘Seyi Senzino’ drops ‘Category 3’ a song of faith, hope, fear, regret and worry

As the first beats of Seyi Senzino’s ‘Category 3’ drift through the air, I feel the frown fade from my face and let my eyes close. The music is like a soft whisper telling me to relax and just enjoy the music and it seems this is a message I desperately needed. Seyi Senzino’s hit […]

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