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MIXTAPED 2020 POP DROPS: New synth pop pioneer, the glamourous ‘Van Hechter’ breathes in ‘The Delight’ with ‘Chauncey Dandridge’ and their stunning singalong disco single ‘The Delight’

Whenever we’re reviewing a song we like: ‘Breathe in, breathe in the delight’ Though that is technically true, we nicked the lyric off of a French-Georgian artist by the name of Van Hechter. He’s the one you should be talking to about a delight (with an extensive career overflowing with […]

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From the opening lyrics, speaking about a planet that’s “as dirty as we made it”, Van Hechter’s flamboyant pop song ‘Love the Disco’ gets your attention

Van Hechter is one of those artists that you don’t quite know how to describe. There is something fabulous and hypnotic that just draws you into his music, so that even when it’s over, your head is still playing, singing along to the words lingering in your head. His songs, […]

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