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MIXTAPED FEMALE ARTISTS: ‘Shelly Ross’ won’t stop as she drops her ‘Masterpiece’ music video

Music that is inspirational, creative and astounding. If that’s the onset that you’re glimpsing for then we welcome you as you’ve reached the perfect destination. You might be pondering, who is the artist we are illuminating today? Well, the artist we have at our hand today is nothing but a universal prodigy who is her […]

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‘Seyi Senzino’ drops ‘Category 3’ a song of faith, hope, fear, regret and worry

As the first beats of Seyi Senzino’s ‘Category 3’ drift through the air, I feel the frown fade from my face and let my eyes close. The music is like a soft whisper telling me to relax and just enjoy the music and it seems this is a message I desperately needed. Seyi Senzino’s hit […]

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