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‘Sexjacket’ drops experimental Hip-Hop with a rich spaced out voice and sci-fi beats that take you on an October’ Trip

Who Tf is sexjacket? Sexjacket is a 23 year old record producer, artist, and audio engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Sexjacket has just released his new single “October” which is 100% produced, written, performed, mixed, and mastered by sexjacket himself. (You don’t see that too often nowdays!) Sexjacket showcases upbeat smooth vocal flows […]

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MIXTAPED BEST NEW FEMALE RAPPERS: Fresh, Young and Confident is the name of the birthday game for rising rapper ‘Kerri Hayes’ and her sweet and dark Rap ‘Birthday’

Introducing the fantastic up and coming 21 year old artist Kerri Hayes. Kerri Hayes was born in the little town of Elkin, North Carolina and raised up in Atlanta ,Georgia. Since the age of 3, Kerri Hayes has wanted to fulfil her dreams of being an artist and actress. Kerri Hayes Pops out music you […]

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