MIXTAPED Music Drops

MIXTAPED BEST NEW FEMALE ARTISTS: ‘Olivia Rees’ drops a vibrant classy debut album ‘Exposed’

Have ever heeded of the idiom, “Music Creates New Boundaries”? If you didn’t then fortunate you as we will be embarking on this question but will be reviewing it in terms of the new upcoming blasting artist “Olivia Rees”. Characterizing Olivia is like simply illustrating a Diva who is prepared to exhibit the world who’s […]

MIXTAPED HOUSE: A mix of experimental deep and dark house sounds drops from ‘Luca Draccar’ and his epic ‘Flamboyant’

Producer and DJ Luca Draccar returns to the music world with an absolutely fabulous new EP called Flamboyant. As evidenced from the project’s title, Luca offers a gripping musical journey that is sure to enhance the listening stimuli of his audience. He is known for adding a soulful and exotic edge to techno and electronic […]

‘Adrian Javon’ joins actress ‘Alisha Rome’ for the angelic and soulful ‘All Mine’

Adrian Javon ends his Summer reign with the release of his mellow vibed visual All Mine, with an angelic appearance from actress Alisha Rome. Directed by Alan Be. “All Mine” is the 4th single from Adrian’s Spring release “In Love’s Memory”, in which Adrian describes as a ode to love lost and a remembrance of […]

MIXTAPED PRISON RAP: London’s cool and breezy ‘Rex Brezie’ bashes down the walls of prison with ‘Pain and Tears’

‘Rez Brezie’ is a fresh new Hip-Hop Rap Trap artist from London. ‘Rez Brezie’ drops a banging tune about prison life and the triumph of freedom day. ‘Rez Brezie’ fuses classic Dr. Dre esque Hip-Hop with a gritty real street prison spit and melodic flava, as he encourages prisoners currently locked down to stay on […]

A universal mixed up fusion of galaxy driven epic Hip-Hop as Rap star ‘Marz’ unleashes ‘Marz on Earth’

There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than finding a track you like and blasting it up on the speakers. And for the past couple of hours, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with The Real King Marz’s brand new album, entitled “Marz on Earth”. “Marz on Earth” is a delicious and fresh take […]

‘La Stat’ mixes up a classic sound on ‘Hour of Destiny’ album

Haven’t you been longing for a good hip-hop rhythm to just lose yourself to? Something to help you forget the craziness of 2020 and just chill back and relax with some good killer beats? I know I have. Luckily for us both, I found just the thing, and today, I’m gonna clue you in on […]

‘Alexander James Rodriguez’ mixes up a sensational pop storm with ‘Up To You’

English voice-over actor Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez has released his third single ‘Up To You’. The inspirational and moving pop song was recorded in North Hollywood during COVID-19 lockdowns in May. The lyrics are full of optimism and are set to ignite the champion within during any personal challenge. “Up To You’ was always written […]

Mixing up a warm, energetic, futuristic retro pop feel with an eastern touch, global star ‘Zara Desai’ dishes out some ‘Planetary Wonder’ in dancing hot new video and album ‘On Point’

Artist Zara Desai first captured the public’s attention last year when a bunch of her YouTube videos went viral. Having trained as a dancer since she was only three years old, Zara began uploading recordings of herself putting on the moves as early as 2018, when the artist was only 11 years old. Now, at […]

Cameroon’s Afro-Trap fever is spreading wildly with ‘FR3SHGANG’ mixing up and dominating the rhythmic Afro-Beat mansion party scene with ‘Tori Don Change’– Lavish Video drops soon.

FR3SHGANG is an original music group based in Cameroon. The vibrant, melodic, uplifting and rhythmic new single out soon from FR3SHGANG is entitled  “Tori Don Change” which means upgrading and taking things to the next level. They have a focus on blurring the lines between a wide range of musical style and creative ideas. Their […]

MIXTAPED VIRAL TRAP HITS: 250 million streams and rising as mega producer ‘Indian Trap’ continues his dirty sexy global assault with ‘Priscilla Gypsxy’ on their gigantic “CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)”

Indian Trap is excited to reveal his latest single “CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)” in collaboration with Priscilla Gypsxy. Indian Trap produced and co-wrote the anthem with Priscilla Gypsxy. The Mega producer linked with Priscilla Gypsxy to create the smash single fusing Latin and Indian cultures. The single is an amalgamation of diverse musical influences and draws […]