MIXTAPED Music Drops

“FK Always” from ‘The Shamanic’ is a loving homage to ‘Frankie Knuckles’ and his indelible legacy

Wake Up! Music, and The Shamanic (comprised of DJs/Producers Ralphi Rosario and Craig J Snider) officially released their tribute to DJ Frankie Knuckles, “FK Always”, on January 18, 2022. It is an especially important anniversary as it marks the birth date of the now-deceased legendary artist. Knuckles was the global Godfather of House music and […]

Drawing sonic inspiration from his Afro-Latino roots, ‘Cush Wallace’ drops new album DRICO ll: THE RISE OF FEDERICO DOWN BY PICO

Based in Central LA, Cush Wallace is molding a new, distinct sound in West Coast hip hop. Characterized by dreamy, floaty croons and machete-like rap bars, he uses his music to share personal anecdotes about relationships with women and business dealings. Growing up between the thriving music hotspots of New York and Los Angeles, Cush […]

Straight into the ring and punching like a heavy weight, Irish born Music Producer and Author ‘Dar.Ra’ returns with ‘Blood N Treasure’

Irish Music Producer and Author Dar.Ra Graces the airwaves with New Radio Show on Dublins Finest Station Your Hits Digital. Straight into the ring and punching like a heavy weight Irish born Music Producer and Author starts the battle with a Sunday night show on Irelands finest Radio station Your Hits Digital, run by a […]

From the well-balanced production to the impressive instrumentation, fans of The Corporatethief Beats are happy to welcome new drop ‘I’m Good’

The Corporatethief Beats (Daniel Hartnett) has been providing high-quality hip hop beats to artists for years and now they’re giving musicians a chance at success with their new licensing program. Daniel Hartnett aka The Corporatethief Beats has always been passionate about music and the art of storytelling. His love for this led him to found […]

‘MORE ft Don Danso’ is the new single from ‘Fekky Lala’, a fun courtship groove that describes the exciting stage when a girl plays hard to get.

MORE ft Don Danso is the new single from ‘Fekky Lala’. “MORE is double-entendre, the main idea being that life will sometimes throw you setbacks when you’re trying to accomplish your goals or something significant. However, there are sometimes silver linings in those setbacks that gives you strength, motivates you, or teaches you a valuable […]

‘Madi Simmons’ gets us grooving with new single ‘Got to keep loving you right’

Madi Simmons entered the performing scene at the age of 16. He started out playing the drums, songwriting, and singing. Throughout his life, Madi’s key musical influences have been Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, John Bonham (Drummer), Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh, and that’s just to name a few. There are many other influences that you […]

‘Our War and How We Won It’ from ‘Marsy Mars’ is a tale of a tumultuous family unit during and after their rise to riches.

‘Our War and How We Won It’ is the new album from ‘Marsy Mars’. Our War and How We Won It, his third and latest album, is a narrative-driven work; Mars’ music has been described in general as being like ‘a Dostoyevsky novel you can dance to’, and this record most epitomises that aphorism. It’s […]