MIXTAPED Music Drops

The epic new single ‘My Friend’ from ‘Calvyn Cass’ has a classic pop edge with a modern up to date production.

South African born, Canada based singer/songwriter ‘Calvyn Cass’ has just released his brand new single ‘My Friend’. The new single ‘My Friend’ is a melodic, touching and uplifting ballad with an epic pop vibe, that touches his fans with it’s perfect pop ballad sensibility and heartfelt warm sound. Talking about […]

Keeping listeners on the edge of their seats, ‘QOQ’ is the new album from ‘PHXLLZ’ featuring amazing new singles ‘Paper’, ‘Signs In Life’ and ‘Trust’.

‘QOQ’ is the brand new album from ‘PHXLLZ’ featuring the incredible new singles Paper, Signs In Life and Trust. Phxllz is emerging as a major force in international hip-hop, and tracks like ‘Paper’ show why. After wracking up over 20K views in a matter of days, this collab with Danky […]

Wizard producer ‘Luca Draccar’ has done it again with his authentic latest EP, “Supreme Emptiness”

Reigning supreme with his skilled fingerprints and towering depth in musicality, German-based with Italian roots magical producer Luca Draccar continues to astonish and prove that there is absolutely no limit to the scale of mammoth human capabilities. He possesses a dynamic inventiveness that is fueled by his insatiable passion for […]

‘Dejhare’ drops new E.P ‘Lovescape’ that showcases her strengths as a songwriter and her ability to tell deeply relatable stories with engaging lyrics.

Singer-songwriter Dejhare announces the release of her new summer EP, “Lovescape”, featuring 6 wonderfully imagined and emotionally rich dance-pop tracks that explore the theme of love in some of its dimensions. This is one of her best works yet, and every track on the EP is worth exploring. In “Lovescape”, […]

Mixing up a new electro swing sound, ‘Tamela D’Amico’ joins Electro Swing producer ‘Wolfgang Lohr’ and songwriter ‘Ashley Slater’ for new single ‘Boring 20s’.

‘Boring 20s’ is the new single from ‘Tamela D’Amico’ and is produced with Electro Swing producer Wolfgang Lohr and songwriter Ashley Slater. “Four walls and walls and walls and walls is all that I see. If I can’t break out soon, there’ll be no more me.” Could anyone put the emotional rollercoaster this […]