MIXTAPED Music Drops

‘ROMBE4T’ takes you on a powerful rhythmic dance journey from house to garage and back, ‘Rock To The Rhythm’ lives up to it’s name!

ROMBE4T is making quite a name for himself in the house and techno music arena. His recipe for success simply consists of staying on top of your grind. ROMBE4T takes you on a powerful rhythmic dance journey, from house to garage and back, ‘Rock To The Rhythm’ lives up to it’s name! – Mixtaped House […]

MIXTAPED 2020 POP DROPS: New synth pop pioneer, the glamourous ‘Van Hechter’ breathes in ‘The Delight’ with ‘Chauncey Dandridge’ and their stunning singalong disco single ‘The Delight’

Whenever we’re reviewing a song we like: ‘Breathe in, breathe in the delight’ Though that is technically true, we nicked the lyric off of a French-Georgian artist by the name of Van Hechter. He’s the one you should be talking to about a delight (with an extensive career overflowing with talent, he definitely has one […]

MIXTAPED ELECTRONIC DROP OF THE WEEK: The extraordinary ‘Paul Fishman’ from successful 80’s pop band ‘Re-Flex’ returns in 2020 with a new futuristic ambient sound with double album ‘About Time, Part I&II’

After co-producing the obscure electronic record Zee Identity from Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright, Paul Fishman has returned to the experimental electronic music scene with his first solo record in 15 years. “It’s About Time” is a two-part record that contains elements of ambiance, electronica and cyber-funk. It’s About Time, Part I&II will be officially released […]

MIXTAPED TOP ELECTRONIC DROPS 2020: Multi-Platinum DJ/Producer ‘White N3rd’ lets loose the stylish, sexy and uplifting ‘Adore U’ (U Got It Bad) ft. Daniel De Bourg

White N3rd (a.k.a. Scott Wild) is a British record producer and songwriter who has carved out a successful career in electronic dance music. While at college, he started out producing dance music in his bedroom studio. Inspired by mid-90s hip-hop & the UK rave scene, his early bootlegs/remixes of artists such as Diplo, Michael Jackson, […]

‘By Small Ruin’ releases a dreamy, driving and powerful pop single with ‘All Is Well’

By Small Ruin’s melodies have reached the edges of the earth as Bryan Mullis’ spontaneous travels and adventurous experiences became a staple of inspiration in his music. ‘By Small Ruin’ releases a  dreamy, driving and powerful pop single with ‘All Is Well’ – Mixtaped By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis, keeping his […]

The amazing ‘Rello Bandz’ drops a catchy, infectious single with her irresistible and bouncy ‘We Are’

Rello Bandz created “We Are” in 2019 which has touched thousands of lives since she released the track. “We Are” is an upbeat, catchy tune that you can’t help but vibe to. This young artist has everything it takes to rise to the top of the rap game. When asked about the hit single, Rello […]

Phat beats and strong lyrical content delivered with real life attitude as ‘C-bz’ spits out his ‘Big Bank’ sound!

Christopher Banks is an American recording artist from Chicago, Illinois known as C-bz. The previous album from C-bz was entitled ‘N my eyez’ and debuted in 2019. Now dropping in 2020 the hot new single from C-bz is entitled ‘Big Bank’ and is taken from his upcoming album ‘Booth Muzic’. When asked about his music […]

MIXTAPED ROCK AND RAP 2020: ‘Patty Melt’ spits strong bars of pure attitude and confidence on new drop ‘Caution’

Patty Melt a.k.a Hunter Wright is a diverse, inventive, genre fusing rapper, artist and creator who drops his upfront and powerful new single ‘Caution’. When asked about the Story behind the song, Patty Melt  states that “CAUTION” is a alternative rock/rap song to bang your head too”. Making waves and spitting bars to the top, […]

MIXTAPED 2020 POP AND DANCE: N2BLÜ’ drop a mix of pop, dance and pure melody on fantastic new output ‘Dance’ (DJ C.A.)

The incredible N2BLÜ return with their original electronic pop flavour on their powerful new release entitled ‘’Dance’ (DJ C.A.).  When N2BLÜ were asked about the real life story behind the song ‘Dance’ they said “We dedicate this song to the memory of Chris Allen Mason (DJ C.A.). Chris was one of my (Jonathan) best friends, […]

FR3SHGANG fuse genres and spit hot bars driven by melody and party vibes as they drop ‘Tori Don Change’

FR3SHGANG fuse genres and spit hot bars driven by melody and party vibes as they drop ‘Tori Don Change’ – Mixtaped FR3SHGANG is an original music group based in Cameroon. They have a focus on blurring the lines between a wide range of musical style and creative ideas. Their songs are rooted in genres as […]