MIXTAPED Music Drops

Interview: Zpextre

Zpextre, Can you tell us about your latest single, Save it for the Kids?       As a child, I was able to dream and imagine my future.  Innocence allowed me to wander through the development of my mind to be who I am today.  I wrote Save It For the Kids on March 15th 2020  as […]

Teeardropz has increased fans since releasing “Wake Up List”

Teeardropz aka Jonathan Brown, is a Jamaican reggae artist, who has been working unseemingly to advance his musical career over the past 20 years. His early contact with Manatee Records in the early 1990’s was instrumental after meeting the producer, Delon Reid who was responsible for many of the hit records from the then upstart […]

Cliffwho talks about releasing his song ‘Moon’

Cliffwho releases his song ‘Moon’. He says “The last couple years I have been struggling with diabetes and kidney function but I am not going to let that stop me from going forward and grinding! I grew in a christian household and I was raised to be humble and patient and good things will come […]

D. Lewis drops a vibrant cool ‘Jazzy’ single

D. Lewis has released a song entitled “Jazzy”. He talks about it here saying “Jazzy” is a term I sometimes use to describe something or someone that’s vibrant, cool, or stylish. I enjoy the finer things in life and often express that through creativity, how I dress & how I carry myself. The story behind […]

The new single from ‘J $teeze’ is entitled ‘No Pressure’

Boise Idaho based 20 year old artist ‘J $teeze’ has been rapping since he was 11-12, but has been recording for 3-4 years. His new single is entitled ‘No Pressure’. He says “I’m just now starting to enjoy the music I put out more than I use to. I recorded this joint in a empty […]

Latoya jane releases her new classic ‘Empty’

Born and raised in the rough neighborhood of Jane & Finch, Latoya Rodney, whose stage name is Latoya Jane, is proof positive that something phenomenal can evolve from an unbecoming environment. Latoya had always had a passionate interest in music from the age of 4, but like many of us, she had other interests that […]