Zoey Tess: Bridging the Gap Between Jazz-Fusion and Contemporary Pop

Zoey Tess (born January 1st, 1993), is an American songwriter and music producer, known for a diverse genre of compositions within the realm of contemporary and popular music. Born in Coral Springs, Florida, Tess began her professional musical journey at an early age. Tess and her family would eventually move north, landing in Newtown, Connecticut. She comes from a lineage of talent, with her aunt being the late veteran film and television actress Corinne Camacho.

Tess spent her teen years songwriting and recording at Moomba Studios in Connecticut, alongside music producer Michael Patzig. She studied classical piano, violin and voice, earning her a spot at the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts, later began a three-year collaboration with New Haven, Connecticut record producer Vic Steffens (Horizon Music Group), known for his work with renowned artists The Rolling Stones and Harry Connick Jr. Tess’s dedication and talent earned her an internship at Horizon, eventually leading to a brief signing with the label’s subsidiary of Sony Records. Under the umbrella label “Horizon Music Group”, she released her jazz-fusion single “Late Night Thoughts.” Tess, self-taught, digital audio workstations Pro Tools, as well as Logic Pro.

Tess teamed up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Jake Siberon (of the band Mile-Marker-Zero), who played a crucial role in shaping her 2023 music singles “Human Nature”, and “Turn Me Up.” Tess released “In These Dreams”, her self-penned orchestral ballad in August of 2023. She co-produced the track with Siberon, while Grammy-Award winning record producer Mario McNulty provided the mixing for the track, solidifying the song as a hit. “In These Dreams” garnered worldwide attention, hitting top charts, and has been Tess’s most notable work to date.

Tess’s passion for songwriting and producing extends well beyond her personal projects. She finds the greatest joy writing and producing music for other artists and bands, exploring diverse sounds and styles. She has written for artists Britney Spears, Mila Jam, and others. Tess, now curating an impressive catalog of music for film and television, whilst continuing to write and produce for an eclectic roster of artists. Zoey is currently writing and producing over 15 songs. Her self-owned publishing company is named “The 1193 Music Group.”


All links can be found at Zoey’s official website: www.zoeytess.com

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