Exploring Identity Through Music: Simply Missy’s Ode to Brooklyn

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Oh Brooklyn (A Trini Grows In Brooklyn) is the new single from ‘Simply Missy’. Capitalizing on her family’s Trinidadian roots and the love of soca and reggae music, Simply Missy, born in Brooklyn, New York as Melissa Sharon Glasgow, compiled several singles and new material to release her debut EP, Caribbean Foreigner, in 2023, solidifying her spot in music.

The single “I Still Luv Sweet T&T”, produced by Ackahdan, teases the senses with a blend of traditional calypso and soca. The blending of the producer’s Antigua-born rhythms and Simply Missy’s eclectic blend of NYC and Caribbean culture of sounds and melodies set a mood with her ASMR-adjacent voice.

Listening to the single “Fete Too Much”, with featured producer Trini Baby (Vernice Mariah Herreira) from Trinidad & Tobago, alongside her blends soca and dancehall vibes for a pulsating dance track. With the fabulous technique of her in-house mix and mastering engineer, and Certified Avid ProTools User, her son Jasir Abdullah-Musa, trust that playing Simply Missy tracks in the car, on radio rotation, Instagram/Facebook livestreams or podcast segments (for social media creators) is sure to be a whole sonic vibe your soul has been waiting for.

Jasir was afforded the opportunity to attend NYU’s Tisch Summer High School Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in 2018. Despite his being on the Autism Spectrum, he excelled in his courses while enjoying and exploring NYC’s music scene, and music companies like Tidal with his peer group. He soon moved on to attend and graduate Cum Laude with an A.A.S. Degree from Queensborough Community College (QCC) in 2021. Jasir Abdullah-Musa is a Certified AVID Pro Tools User and plans to continue his education expanding to Certified AVID Dolby Atmos Professional. He plans to create his own lane or partner with a studio, open to inclusivity and mentoring in order to expand his talents, to solidify his career as a music producer/engineer.

With the help of Jasir, Simply Missy plans to continue to extend her music catalog of R&B and soul, with a few reggae, afrobeats/afropop, soca and country songs. More Simply Missy music is set to be on their way to your streaming device and listening ears soon.

“Oh Brooklyn (A Trini Grows in Brooklyn)”, out now on all streaming platforms, speaks to growing up in the “melting pot” of Brooklyn and part-time in the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad & Tobago, and learning how to navigate expectations of loved ones in the ever-changing landscape and gentrification of Brooklyn. It reminds us that no matter the peer pressure, the struggles with learning to be “yourself,” despite culture-pressure and just plain old learning about “adulting,” we can carve out a life we love. Sometimes, that does mean leaving the place (or people) you love, so you can appreciate it/them more. Oh Brooklyn.

Take a taste of the song “Oh Brooklyn (A Trini Grows in Brooklyn)”, performed and written by Simply Missy; beat produced, mixed and mastered by Jasir Abdullah-Musa.

Simply Missy has also set a goal to secure several sync licensing deals for placement of her songs in feature films, television and commercials. She also plans to explore her film, TV and voiceover acting chops while continuing to put her voice and penned words to song.












“Life should be enjoyed simply, or simply enjoyed.” – Simply Missy (2012 after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy)

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