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Chantel “Cece” Washington Releases New Hit Single

We’re willing to bet you haven’t seen an artist quite like Chantel “CeCe” Washnigton. With her formidable stage presence, and impressive musical talent, CeCe automatically owns any type of stage she walks on to, and right now, that’s true of the musical scene, at large. Having recently come out with the memorable hit single “Body”, […]

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MIXTAPED BEST NEW SINGLES: Kathmandu Nepal born creator ‘UnderRoot’ goes back to the real roots of music with the lush dreamy angelic sound of ‘Thinking of You’

If there is one way to transport the body, mind, and soul to a better place, time, and realm, it is the creation and listening of visionary melody. This is one major belief of alternative (pop/rock/rap) artist, UnderRoot (Sulav M. Aryal). The Kathmandu, Nepal born up and coming artist has got the strings and keys […]

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