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Mixing up genres, fusing melodies and decades, ‘N2BLÜ’ take us in a different direction with their ‘Folky Depeche Mode’ sound and infectious mountain sized pop mood on the giant ‘Better Now’

Pop Dance masters N2BLÜ return in true style with an incredible, epic and different pop single. The new single ‘Better Now’ comes packed with an electro ‘Cloudbusting’ beat vibe and ‘The Might be Giants’ pop flair and could be their biggest hit yet. Shimmering synths, pounding drums, warm sensitive vocals and lyrics, 80’s pop sensibility […]

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“ I wanna feel that way again! sing ‘N2BLÜ’ on the uplifting, electronic, stomping pop track ‘Again’

The incredible N2BLÜ are back again with the energetic, well produced, synth pop, house and dance single ‘Again’. When asked about the meaning and inspiration behind the powerful new single, they revealed that: Romantic nostalgia is the inspiration behind ‘Again’ Just when you think you’re done with Love, you find out that Love isn’t done […]

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MIXTAPED 2020 POP AND DANCE: N2BLÜ’ drop a mix of pop, dance and pure melody on fantastic new output ‘Dance’ (DJ C.A.)

The incredible N2BLÜ return with their original electronic pop flavour on their powerful new release entitled ‘’Dance’ (DJ C.A.).  When N2BLÜ were asked about the real life story behind the song ‘Dance’ they said “We dedicate this song to the memory of Chris Allen Mason (DJ C.A.). Chris was one of my (Jonathan) best friends, […]

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