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MIXTAPED CHILLED RAP AND HIP-HOP VIBES OF 2020: With a warm, groovy, melodic, world R&B vibe, TRU$ drops some tropical laced funky beats and rhymes on ‘Better Off Nowhere’

Canadian artist TRU$ comes from a place you have probably never heard of delivering urban sounds to the world. TRU$ is an artist based out of Winnipeg, Canada. He dropped his first project in 2018, followed by multiple singles leading up to his most recent EP, ‘Better Off Nowhere’ If you are a hip hop […]

MIXTAPED HOT NEW POP ROCK PRODUCTIONS OF 2020: Rolling Stones, Bowie and Madonna producer works with ‘Jozsef James’ to unleash an exceptional, groovy, funky pop record for 2020 with ‘Blue’

After releasing two hit EPs and singles that played on radio stations throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand, talented artist Jozsef James is ready to take over 2020, with his latest release “Blue”. The song produced by legendary producer Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, Madonna, David Bowie) dropped on 24th April and showcases […]

MIXTAPED 2020 POP DROPS: New synth pop pioneer, the glamourous ‘Van Hechter’ breathes in ‘The Delight’ with ‘Chauncey Dandridge’ and their stunning singalong disco single ‘The Delight’

Whenever we’re reviewing a song we like: ‘Breathe in, breathe in the delight’ Though that is technically true, we nicked the lyric off of a French-Georgian artist by the name of Van Hechter. He’s the one you should be talking to about a delight (with an extensive career overflowing with talent, he definitely has one […]

‘Seyi Senzino’ drops ‘Category 3’ a song of faith, hope, fear, regret and worry

As the first beats of Seyi Senzino’s ‘Category 3’ drift through the air, I feel the frown fade from my face and let my eyes close. The music is like a soft whisper telling me to relax and just enjoy the music and it seems this is a message I desperately needed. Seyi Senzino’s hit […]

Masked Canadian female singer, Mystik Kaur reveals Mystik ‘Man Na Digey’ to the world

First track of the masked Canadian female singer, Mystik Kaur. A classically trained singer first single launches and Indian devotional track with a nice modern and western touch. A marriage of the modern and traditional in 1 seamless musical masterpiece. Featuring artist from Canada, Bosnia, Jamaica and Africa and sung in an Indian language this […]