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Singer-Songwriter Madame Kapuscinska has a hypnotising way of capturing her audience with her powerhouse voice and emotions; she has released her new EP ‘Eternal’

Madame Kapuscinska’s new EP, Eternal is about the eternalness of love; the pains, the reflection, the neW society of online and the pain of love and misunderstandings. Unconditionally love is eternal and Madame Kapuscinska sends you through different eras with her new retro sound; quite mesmerising. The artist formerly known […]

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Marietta Grant’s new single ‘That’s Why’ is a feel-good tune that motivates and empowers you to really focus on happiness and success

Marietta Grant is a very common face in the world of R&B, and she has been around since 2010, constantly writing songs and bringing in a multitude of clever ideas to the table. What makes her different is the rawness of her songs, the fact that they are filled with […]

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MIXTAPED CAFE 2020: R&B artist ‘Soul Flake’ drops the intimate, profound and extremely personal ‘Acqua e Caffè’

R&B artist Soul Flake, popular in Italy for his particular voice and experimental attitude, is exciting fans again with his latest single of smooth R&B music. “Acqua e Caffè”, released by Street Label Records, is only full of empathetic music to bring love and hope to soul. “Acqua e Caffé”, […]

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