MIXTAPED Music Drops

The incredible ‘Pac Marly’ drops a dope catchy track with the infectious ‘Really Involved’

Pac Marly is a musician and recording artist based out of the DMV area on the east coast of the United States. Originally from Gambia, Pac moved to the DMV area at a young age. He has been involved with music since he was a kid, spending time within recording studio settings, and was majorly […]

MIXTAPED ROCK ANTHEMS: From the crashing drums to the screeching guitars, strong vocals and epic movie feel, ‘I’m Your Rain’ from ‘Amel D’ rocks!

Liven Up ‘Alternative Rock’ as Worldwide Music Genre again, Asian Rock Singer called AMEL D going viral with single I’m Your Rain. The essence of good music is like a gust of fresh air which can carry away all the negativity from our mind in a flick. This spirit of soulful music reflects in Asian […]

KOCHAM is the new solo project by revered Parisian DJ & Producer, Jim Zerga

Hailing from Paris, KOCHAM drops his brand new single ‘Never Lie’ – serving up a standout slice of vocal driven electronica via Play Two Records. KOCHAM is the new solo project by revered Parisian DJ & Producer, Jim Zerga – one half of successful French duo, Lumberjack. After a string of hit releases, with previous […]

‘OMG Collective’ are back after Top 30 Chart success with incredible new single ‘The Weekend’

Following their Top 30 U.K club chart success, OMG Collective look set to bring the heat in 2020 with their brand new single ‘The Weekend’. Having already introduced themselves by way of their first two offerings – the neo-soul-tinged gem ‘Part of Me’ and the anthemic ‘No More’, the groovy outfit return to bring you […]

Butch Leake of The Drifters Legends Clubhouse releases a promotional video and new book "On Broadway"

In 2020 a revamp of one of the entertainment history most celebrated musical groups will come together to bring the sound, history and legend of periods gone highlighting 3 golden ages of music and nostalgia featuring Drifter Legends. In 2010 the seed for The Drifters Legends Clubhouse a publishing, production and musical company was planted […]

After working with artists like skrillex, young thug and token, Jake Shaw and his own label ‘YourOwnMusic’ unleash ‘2020 Vision’

YourOwnMusic Drop Second album 2020 Vision! Jake shaw & His YourownMusic label have dropped the second Project on the Label and its looking like its gonna be a big one, jake has been working with artists like skrillex, young thug, token and many other big acts for the past 2 years and is one of […]

MIXTAPED RADICAL TRAP DROPS: The Mighty ‘XOXO Spencer’ spits a strong message with trap anthem ‘NO Looking Back’

The project is strong throughout. “NO Looking Back” becomes a dazzling trap anthem, built atop a twinkling, minor-key instrumental laced with melodies. The artist’s inspirations are well-documented, but here, he opens with outright hype talk. It feels a bit rote, but XOXO SPENCER gives the subject of his aspirations a response, in the form of […]

After releasing 7 albums, EPs and countless singles, ‘MC Tempo’ is back with ‘Generation Distortion’

Generation Distortion is the latest EP from MC Tempo. The famed former drug dealing atheist turned Christian rap artist, MC Tempo, is back with this 5 track EP titled ‘Generation Distortion’. Worlds apart from his previous worship rap EP ‘Warcry‘, it is fair to say that ‘Generation Distortion‘ takes the listener on an abstract journey […]

Both hot and cold and expressing powerful feeling, ‘Latoya Jane’ drops the incredible ‘Be in Like’

Latoya Jane is an up and coming young artist in today’s music scene. With a deep, soulful voice, Latoya manages to impress and makes each of her songs both memorable and catchy. Her latest hit, ‘Be In Like’ tells the harrowing story of a lost love, but not the sort you pine and weep for, […]