Fast rising Dubai based 26-year-old rapper and music producer ‘3tune’ drops a surefire hit with ‘Momma’.

‘Momma’ is the new single from ‘3tune’. The single is about being in complete control of things. Music is a passion for impressing others and, more importantly, branding yourself. Music is an expression of creativity and emotion, something to be enjoyed by the creator as much as their audience.

3tune says “It gives me peace of mind and soul, and I aim to deliver soul rehabilitation with my masterpieces.This motive helped me create 3Tune, a solo hip hop music artist in Dubai that seeks to provide a unique listening experience to music enthusiasts”.

Tell us more about your musical career ?

“My real name is Essa, but I go by the stage name “3tune.” Meet your 26-year-old rapper and music producer in Dubai. My journey with 3Tune began in 2010 when I pursued music as a full-time career. I’ve been a music artist in Dubai since then and have released one album (Press Play) and four singles which have all gained traction in the local music scene. You can find me on Apple Music and Spotify as well. I’ve also released official music videos, which have both been well-received by my fan base. As well as continuing to write, record, and perform my own music. I have a lot of unreleased tracks with some of the unique beats in the Middle Eastern music industry that will be released soon to please music fans’ ears.

The audience’s emotions motivate me to put my heart into each performance. The cheers you give, the likeness you show, your moves on my beats, and your waves on my music influence what I do. I love you all Every time I stand in front of a crowd, the sensation that you give me fills my heart with joy”.


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