MIXTAPED Music Drops

Hypnotic beats that feel atmospheric and lush are present on new album ‘Brimstone Vein’ from dynamic duo ‘Brimstone’

Brimstone is a duo and music producer with a focus on channeling a truly broad range of creative influences into its music. Hailing from Latvia, the project features Alvis Andrutsis (also known as McAlvis) and ATM Infected, AKA the Russian musician Alexander Eret. The two managed to achieve good chemistry from the very start, and […]

fueled by propulsive rhythm and driving basslines, ignited by tight chords and tighter melodies, ‘Matthew Heller’ drops new song ‘Scorer be Scored’

Maybe My Love Was Just Right, the new record from Portland, OR musician Matthew Heller, feels like freedom. Like the freedom that comes from letting go; of toxic relationships, of anger, of self-imposed limitations. The record prickles with palpable energy, oscillating between agitation and exhilaration. Daring to seek freedom, from the myriad demons that plague […]

Progressive Blues artist ‘Percy Backwaters’ releases new single ‘Why Can’t You Love Me?’

Born of the isolation stemming from the pandemic and hailing from St. Louis, MO., Percy Backwaters has set out to “move blues music forward.” Percy describes his musical style as Progressive Blues, which blends elements of classic Blues with modern production approaches found in Jazz, Hip and Hop, live performance and electronic music. Percy’s influences […]

‘Shadow Creek’ love making raw unpolished sounds and 80’s inspired sounds on new single ‘A Quiet Place’

Shadow Creek is a new name in horror genre from Houston, Texas, USA. This is a an electronic rock duo band founded in 2019 by Tony Preston (lyrics, music, synthesizers, guitar, drum machines). Accompanied by the vocalist Emma Campbell, they recently released their second album Urban Decay in September 2021. The album is available on […]

On a path to spread their sound and creativity all around the globe, ‘New Challenger’ is the new single from “The Afrxnts”

‘New Challenger’ is the new single from “The Afrxnts” who introduce themselves by saying “Hello! We are your soon to be favorite band, “The Afrxnts.” (Pronounced /afro-nauts/) We are a group comprised of 5 siblings on the path to spread our sound and creativity all around the globe. We have combined elements of Electronic music, […]