After travelling internationally to perform her original music, ‘Grace Love’ releases stunning new single ‘In Waiting’ from her new EP ‘Work in Protest’.

‘In Waiting’ is the new single from ‘Grace Love’ taken off her new EP ‘Work in Protest’. Talking about the EP, ‘Grace Love’ says “I’m so excited to share this new EP, which is about healing and stepping in spaces that feel safe and supportive and also allowing myself space to sit in grief. This EP was really difficult but also a healing process for me as I began to pick up the pieces after a lot of emotional trauma. I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to put out something to make people happy because of my position, but creating music truly saved me from myself during this time and allowed me to continue building the life I want while exploring my personal truth”.

Grace Love is a soul singer with Memphis roots raised in Washington state. She has been performing throughout the U.S since 2009, and has traveled internationally to perform her original music. Grace brings an authentic, contemporary sound to today’s music scene, while staying true to what she values most: great songs and heartfelt performances. Her musical style is known to cross boundaries, as she has been backed by the Seattle Symphony and playing to Quincy Jones, and gracing the famed Apollo Theater.




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