Mixtaped Review: ‘High Fashion’ from ‘Niyi’ Feat ‘Kayve’ – 8/10.

The new single from Afrobeat artist ‘Niyi’ Feat ‘Kayve’ starts with lush, rich and melodic strings that launch into dope rhythmic beats, that get the listener moving and grooving to its sleek, classy and stylish production, smooth soulful vocals and top-class rap. This refreshing and infectious new Afrobeat single has a serious high-class style, that fits the theme of ‘High Fashion’ perfectly and comes jam packed with jazzy trumpets that add to the lovely, chilled and groovy atmosphere – 8/10.

Niyi is inspired by a wide range of music, everything from the rap stylings of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Notorious B.I.G., to Bob Marley, Majek Fashek and Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. A native of Ibadan, Nigeria, Niyi has collaborated with a host of artists over the years, flexing his lyricism on infectious beats and hooks that keep the listener coming back for more”.

High Fashion is a mid-tempo Afro Hip-hop song by Niyi featuring Kayve. Produced by Banana Boy, the track features a soft rhythmic beat, subtle piano and flute melodies, and smooth vocals and lyrics. The song aims to celebrate style and the essence of fashion in music and pop culture.

He is no stranger to music. A creative at heart, he has been writing lyrics and his own compositions since he was a kid. Niyi is now based in Cape Town, South Africa.

For Niyi, music serves as a vehicle through which he stimulates people’s feelings. It serves as a journal of all the interactions he’s had with people, moments he’s shared with them, and all the feelings associated with all the experiences life has thrown his way.

Niyi says “My love for fashion inspired high Fashion. I decided to make a song about how my style has evolved over the years and its effect on my peers, fans, and haters alike”.


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