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Mixing up EDM Electro with real life issues, N2BLÜ speak about their ‘Phoenix Heart

Synth pop and Independent electro dance pioneers N2BLÜ return with a hot, warm and strong new single entitled ‘Phoenix Heart’. ‘Phoenix Heart’ delivers a strong personal message of strength and resilience through hard times and pain. We asked Jonathan Arceneaux what the song was about and he said ” ‘Phoenix Heart’ is a very personal […]

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Breaking Down Barriers and exciting Pop Fans at the same time, N2BLÜ are back with a ‘Unicorn Tribe’

N2BLÜ are back and continue their Electro Dance Pop assault on the EDM music world. Their new single is entitled  ‘Unicorn Tribe’ and is gathering a tribe of electronic music fans globally. We recently tracked the Pop Dance outfit down and asked them what the Unicorn Tribe is all about ? “Unicorn Tribe is about […]

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