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MIXTAPED GLOBAL HIP-HOP, RAP TRAP GOSSIP: World famous rapper ‘Lil Conscious’ does his own cool thing with the smooth, wild spits and beats of ‘Barley Conscious’

Many people are led to believe that they should follow their heart. But from what we’ve learned about the 24 year old American Rapper Stefan Ross is that your conscious may be the move to finding success. Back in September of 2019 he dropped his singles “Bojak” and “Ashes” on all platforms and to this […]

MIXTAPED BEST POP NEWCOMERS: Nigerian artist ‘Agu Vibes’ lets loose his vibrant debut single “Compromised” with it’s driving, warm, electronic beach vibes!

Agu Vibes Releases Debut Single “Compromised”. UK based songwriter Agu Vibes made his debut to all streaming platforms with his single “Compromised”. The track features Agu Vibes soulful vocals layered over a bouncy beat. The main feature of the song is the drop in the hook which puts an EDM spin on the track to […]

MIXTAPED BEST NEW HIP HOP TRENDS: The operatic, omni-talent ‘Celiane The Voice’ unleashes a shimmering, sexy, robot soul sound and heavenly vocals described as "Electronica Hip-Hopera" on ‘Why Can’t You’

Celiane The Voice is an otherworldly artist. This omni-talent has created her own lane in the entertainment industry. Her unique style captivates audiences in the US and abroad. Her carefully curated caricature mesmerizes her fans—one artful aesthetic at a time! Celiane the Voice is an artist with an operatic voice, an electronic soul, and a […]

Sweet as honey and sexy as disco, modern soulful diva ‘Angelle’ beams us up to a heavenly ‘Studio 54’ that sticks in your head and stays on your hips

Lights, Camera, Action. ‘Angelle’ has arrived with her brand new single ‘Studio 54’. Angelle’s new single, “Studio 54” will bring light to the sound of pop/dance music. Studio 54 by Angelle is a sleek, classy, sexy, melodic and powerful new disco meets 80’s single. Already compared to the likes of The Weather Girls, Gloria Gaynor, […]

MIXTAPED PHAT AND THICK HIP-HOP TREATS of 2020: ‘Brve’ drops a sexy, smooth, phat and efficient spit and groove on the banging EP ‘1971’

In the vast arena of hip hop musical domain, countless talented musicians have secured their place presenting their remarkable talent and amazing artistry. Promising artist Brve has recently released an EP 1971 consisting of five incredible soundtracks ‘Paradise’ produced by Savaane, ‘Pain’ produced by Martianz, ‘Good Luck’ produced by Vitals, ‘Tell Me’ produced by Sharra, […]

MIXTAPED BEST NEW RAP AND HIP-HOP: The queen of sexy rap ‘Intelligent Diva’ seduces on her new drop ‘Sexy Walk’ that’s fit for a pharaoh!

What do technology, beauty, art and fashion all have in common? A one of a kind artist from Jacksonville, Florida, by the name of Intelligent Diva. An artist as talented as she is beautiful, Intelligent Diva has really been making a name for herself in the music industry these past few years with hits like […]

Roll it up with ‘Roger Karr’ and his dreamy, jazzy, trippy new beach vibed single ‘Roll With You’

American singer-songwriter Roger Karr  has expanded his catalogue once again, much to the delight of his listeners. His latest output is a multi-genre summer jam titled “Roll With You”. Featuring rap filled verses and an ambient chorus, this single positions itself to be loved by both pop music enthusiasts and indie fans alike. The song […]

MIXTAPED RETRO MODERN LOCKDOWN GEMS OF 2020 : “Learn your lesson” sing the grand, funky and epic ‘Kleopetrol’ as they drop a lockdown jazz funk hit with ‘When This Sh*t is Done’

2020 is a tough year for everyone. The Soul/Funk group Kleopetrol from Braunschweig, Germany used the time and emotion that the corona lockdown brought to deliver a message of love, unity and Soul Power to the people. Recording the horns and shooting the official music video was quite a challenge keeping safety distances but in […]

MIXTAPED CHILLED RAP AND HIP-HOP VIBES OF 2020: With a warm, groovy, melodic, world R&B vibe, TRU$ drops some tropical laced funky beats and rhymes on ‘Better Off Nowhere’

Canadian artist TRU$ comes from a place you have probably never heard of delivering urban sounds to the world. TRU$ is an artist based out of Winnipeg, Canada. He dropped his first project in 2018, followed by multiple singles leading up to his most recent EP, ‘Better Off Nowhere’ If you are a hip hop […]

The fabulous ‘I Passed Away’ is back with new material as he delivers a new style of dreamy hip-hop with a melancholy, dark, Emo-Trap vibe for 2020

I Passed Away has already gained global attention from world famous names in the industry, working alongside Charlie Shuffler who was with Lil Peep and soon to be released songs made by 16yrold and CashMoneyAP.  He also works with The Hot Topic Foundation where he has decided to donate most proceeds to help their cause […]