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MIXTAPED UK DRILL RAP OF 2020: Essex rising drill artist ‘Dyego’ drops a party banger and dope hot music video with the real urban UK sounds of ’20 Style II’

With over one hundred thousand streams on Spotify, from ‘Captain Morgan’ to ‘Bloodah’, upcoming independent drill artist Dyego is making moves in 2020. This month Dyego’s ready to rack up a few hundred thousand more with new party drill anthem ’20 Style II’. MIXTAPED UK DRILL RAP OF 2020: Essex rising drill artist ‘Dyego’ drops […]

MIXTAPED BEST NEW FEMALE RAPPERS: So “G” and so Street new young USA Alabama female rapper ‘Dricka’ drops her letter to the streets on the cool ‘Mama’

I think we can all agree that young music with an old soul vibe is the best you can get in today’s music world, and none fills the criteria more than young Alabama native, Dricka. And when we say young, we mean it, since this gifted rapper and songwriter is only 23 years old, and […]

MIXTAPED POP SUMMER FUSIONS: ‘Max M’ continues his rise to the top with a well written, warm and melodic slice of pop heaven on new drop ‘Imaginary Problems’

The emerging legacy of artist, deejay, and producer Max M has captured the attention of music lovers from around the world. Max M’s passion for DJing and music production began during his teen years. He would later begin a successful career in Computer Science and gain renown as an IT expert before returning to the […]

MIXTAPED BEST NEW UK RAP, GRIME AND TRAP: The UK Rap scene spits out a dope new release from ‘TOOTONESOUNDS’ who collaborates with Ayo Beatz, Ash9Bandz, MB and Kid Tana on the cool ‘Age of Majority’ dropping a melodic real UK sound.

TOOTONESOUNDS has everyone talking with his debut EP, ‘Age of Majority’, which has already been a massive success in the UK Hip Hop scene. The project features five fire tracks with some of the biggest names in the industry including Ayo Beatz, Ash9Bandz, MB and Kid Tana. TOOTONESOUNDS (TTS) sets the tone of the EP […]

MIXTAPED INVENTIVE NEW RAP OF 2020: Fast rising ‘D.D OREYO drops a different sound and beat with a sonic banging Rap Trap club hit sound on his ‘Take me to the cleaners’

How long have you been waiting for a killer tune to just listen to on repeat? I know that for me, it’s been a while. All through quarantine, I’ve been scouring the Internet in search for good  new artists. See, I like seeking out lesser known artists, because I know that’s where the next big […]

Mixing up a tasty disco pimp vibe with impeccable 70’s meets 80’s Chic funky influences and dirty sonic disco ‘Blondie’ vibes, ‘Calvin Priice’ follows ‘Pineapple Sunset’ with ‘Bon Voyage’ on 24 July 2020

A winning combination of R&B, hip-hop, reggaeton and pop, dialled in the right way. In this day and age, there is just so much music to listen to, and at times, it’s hard to miss out on the really good stuff, particularly when your mailbox is quite literally bombarded with hundreds of emails a day, […]

An Important Win For Fadi Awad in The Intercontinental Music Awards!

On Thursday July 16 2020, The Multi-Awards Winner and Billboard Charted Artist Fadi Awad has added a big achievement to his portfolio, and that’s by winning in The Intercontinental Music Awards with his masterpiece “To Glory Land”!… This is the 5th Award for this outstanding track after winning in: “The 5 Continents International Film Festival”, […]

MIXTAPED HOT NEW RAP AND HIP-HOP: ‘John De Vinci’ drops the epic stomping dark Hip-Hop Rap Trap ‘The Sequel’ with it’s upfront message and distinctive world flava, efficient spit and beats

John De Vinci will definitely be one to remember. From growing up in Bainbridge, Ga to creating a foundation and fan base in Orlando, Fl, he always leaves an impression on an audience with his unique style. He grew up listening to various genres of music which expanded his creativity and imagination. During his pre-teen […]

MIXTAPED HOTTEST NEW DANCEHALL OF 2020: ‘Topo La Maskara’ follows his 3 Billion views hit "Scooby doo Papa" with hot new ‘Original’ Dancehall EP feat Mr.Vegas, Nyla and DeeWunn

Topo La Maskara who hails from the Dominican Republic specialises in dropping global Afropop, Afro Bow, Dancehall and Funk Pop hits. Topo La Maskara has now assembled a dream team joining up with Mr.Vegas, Nyla and DeeWunn as he drops a breakthrough, energetic, banging and exceptionally well produced modern Dancehall EP. MIXTAPED HOTTEST NEW DANCEHALL […]

MIXTAPED BEST NEW HIP-HOP AND SOUL DROPS: ‘Jay Fox’ drops a well produced beat fantastic soulful and groovy album with a real strong message on new Hip-Hop/Soul Album ‘Foxtales: Cold Facts’

Jay Fox releases his latest powerful, emotional, and intimate hip-hop/soul album ‘Foxtales: Cold Facts.’ The twelve-track album contains strong basslines, catchy melodic elements, groovy beats, and grasping, emotion-filled vocals by Jay Fox. From the powerful lyricism in ‘W.T.F (Red Clay)’ to the reminiscing, motivating ‘Save Me,’ Jay Fox delivers melodic bliss combined with lyrical depth […]