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Mixing Up ‘Steve Severin’ Siouxsie screeching guitars and 90’s smashing bedroom angst, say hello to ‘Blind Season’

‘Blind Season’ are an alternative rock band formed by Shane Sigro. The new single from ‘Blind Season‘ is entitled ‘The Dark Bedroom’. How was the writing and recording process ? “It’s a tricky song to write in terms of tempo, but after a couple re writes I love how this […]

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You can Hear the Difference in the Dolby 3D Latin-Trap Recording on the delicious ‘Amanecer’

With Amanecer, Welan Edvee and Luis Ledman take you into their warm and dancing world. In these complicated times, this title will give you a smile. Welan Edvee is on all streaming platforms. You can find these albums with various universes online. With an exceptional mix, this track was produced […]

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