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An Important Win For Fadi Awad in The Intercontinental Music Awards!

On Thursday July 16 2020, The Multi-Awards Winner and Billboard Charted Artist Fadi Awad has added a big achievement to his portfolio, and that’s by winning in The Intercontinental Music Awards with his masterpiece “To Glory Land”!… This is the 5th Award for this outstanding track after winning in: “The 5 Continents International Film Festival”, […]

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Two Awards For ‘Fadi Awad’ in Eastern Europe and His Tribute To Michael Jackson!

It’s good to see The Multi-Awards Winner Artist Fadi Awad participating in some important Contests and Festivals in Eastern Europe as he’s a one-love international artist who also loves that side of the world and likes to participate in some of its big international events… On June 24 2020, The “Kyiv Film Festival” – Ukraine […]

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MIXTAPED TOP DANCE AND POP DROPS 2020: ‘Fadi Awad’ drops a classy electronic track with Sasha Dee Jay, featuring Addie Nicole on MTV USA Hot 20 hit ‘Release’

Fadi Awad’s Song “Release” Leads The MTV USA Hot 20 Chart! Few weeks ago, “Proconwire Label” has launched a big Radio & DJs and Club & Video promotion campaign of Fadi Awad’s brand new 5 versions single “Release”, done with Sasha Dee Jay, featuring Addie Nicole. And since then, amazing results of the campaign are […]

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