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Mixing up a warm 2020 Christmas, American singer-songwriter SHANI brings Light to the World

You know those days when the weather outside’s terrible, and you’re just in no mood to do anything productive whatsoever? Maybe just curl up in the armchair, under a blanket, and listen to some good tunes. Well, I’ve got just the song for that. The latest release from American singer-songwriter […]

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MIXTAPED DANCE DROPS OF 2020: ‘Nathassia’ is back with a tantalising, energetic, powerful dance cut with the Pink Panda remix of her single ‘Contagious’

Following ‘Light Of The World’, Nathassia touches back down with the Pink Panda remix of her single ‘Contagious‘ – signed to ArchangelUK. Dutch born artist, Nathassia (pronounced Natasha) emanates a rare & mesmerising quality throughout her live performances. Described as “The new face of Dance culture” & “Tori Amos for […]

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