Mixing up a warm 2020 Christmas, American singer-songwriter SHANI brings Light to the World

You know those days when the weather outside’s terrible, and you’re just in no mood to do anything productive whatsoever? Maybe just curl up in the armchair, under a blanket, and listen to some good tunes. Well, I’ve got just the song for that.

The latest release from American singer-songwriter SHANI, entitled appropriately “Changing Tides” goes down like a fine wine, and only leaves you wanting more until you exhaust the Repeat button. With its light jazzy undertones, “Changing Tides” is the perfect song for a chilly day spent indoors, by the roaring fire.

The song has this wonderful, smooth quality to it that allows it to be played lightly in the background, while you’re working from home or throwing a party. But SHANI’s hopeful, melodic voice shines just as well when you focus on it and turn the music louder. “Changing Tides” also works wonderfully when you don’t want to do anything else, just listen to some amazing music.

What’s even better is that the song is intricately woven with good intentions and positive vibes, and manages to lift your mood even when you’re feeling down in the dumps. The artist sends a message of hope and joy in this year that has been anything but. As one might guess from the track name, “Changing Tides” is a song about a better tomorrow, and about rising above when you thought you’d fall under the pressure. In other words, it’s the perfect song to end 2020 on.

On this latest release, SHANI is joined by Orbel “Orbellion” Babayan on guitar and keyboard, Les July on bass, and LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson on saxophone. Together, they create a lovely symphony that just invites you to fall in love with “Changing Tides” immediately. Which we did. It’s also gout us eagerly awaiting the release of “City of Crows”, a film produced and soundtracked by the marvellously gifted artist that is SHANI.



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