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Mixing Rock with Tropical brass paradise and a catchy groove, ‘Dar.ra’ gets the world dancing with ‘Rise Like The Sun’

While we as a world speed forward on an uncharted flight to an unknowable destination, predictions and hearsay is all you hear in the backseats on this excursion into a strange new Paradigm. One prediction that has come to play out is Dar.Ra whose album New Kinda Normal released in […]

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A werewolf is loose in NYC – Check out the radical new video from ‘Dar.Ra’ with ‘Rock Steady’

Renowned Irish rock solo artist Dar.Ra has recently been making waves amongst the online Rock music community with his brand new Rock album release entitled “New Kinda Normal” which has already proven itself to be a major hit with both newcomers, regular listeners and veterans of the rock genre of […]

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