A rising lgbt artist and their raw emotional take on life, a must read for everyone who’s ever found life hard

Time never stops for anyone. From relationships to your identity, everything changes because when life happens, you watch it change the course of your identity like a spectator.

Damag3 has always been able to come up with songs that not only have beautiful tunes and melodies that consist of powerful lyrics that show the dark side of life, and with their new recent hit, it explores these deep sides of life by asking themself “what happen3d’?

Damag3 and Pertinence came up with a song to tell people that they are not the only ones who are going through hell in life. Rather, celebrities like them too have had their share of struggles in life, and still, have!

A Soul Binding Song

Some songs sound good to the ears while touching your heart and soul. Thus, “What Happen3d” is one such song that is going to touch you as if it says everything you ever wanted to say.

Damag3 is bending the ways artist’s stories are told by standing up for people and communities like the LGBT that otherwise, always remained unheard. Their songs are for people who cannot find words to express their happiness, sorrows, thoughts, and ideas, and hence, they say it’s for the people in their style.

Damag3 songs are for everyone, for the youngsters, adults, elderly, gays, and straight because their songs are all about life and life is never easy for anyone. “What Happen3d” fabulously reflects what life is all about, a song that makes you ponder for life and the struggles you’ve gone through.

It is a soul-binding song that hits just the right chords of your heart with its high tunes and meaningful lyrics.

A Melody for the Masses

Pertinence and Damag3 have worked hard on their new release but it was not easy. It was not easy to come up with a melodious piece that would cater to the problems of the masses and speak for them and to them.

“What Happen3d” is a song that will hook you to it quickly hence, you would not be able to un-listen to it ever. It will feel like they speak for you, voicing every emotion, as it was true. Life does not always go as you think. It takes you on its course, sometimes towards better while other times, towards the worse.

Damag3 cleverly pens down their thoughts, blending them with tunes that create a melody that is bound to touch you close. Not every song can relate to the massesa as “What Happen3d” does and so, it is a must-listen song for everyone.

This rising star has always been open about their struggles and life, supporting anyone in distress and trouble. Moreover, their songs depict the difficulties of communities like LGBT that have always struggled to get their right let alone voice their thoughts.

Let “What Happen3d” be a new anthem for everyone who has fought with themselves and outsiders all their life, for whom life was never easy and they had no outlet to vent out. 

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