Aspiring norwegian artist, young cisto’s new hit song ‘luv killer’ is your new go-to complex love song.

There are breakup songs and then there are break-up songs! What I really mean to say is, have you ever searched through a Spotify playlist wanting that perfectly hip and chilled melody? With all the support that a break-up song can offer? Then look no further because Young Cisto is the answer to your prayers.

The story behind ‘Luv Killer’ follows a younger Cisto at a club partying with no expectations other than to have fun and make memories. Cisto, on the other hand, encounters a young woman with whom he spends a few hours getting to know and jelling with her vibe. When the young curious pair fall in love, the date, as do many others. They finally fall in love and have the time of their lives; everything is perfect, the world is wonderful, and nothing will ever be able to pull these young lovers apart.

After a few months, Cisto’s soulmate receives a wonderful opportunity to study abroad in San Francisco, they talk things over and tell each other that long distances can work, and all it takes is them pushing one other to make it happen for others to pursue their goals.

However, as weeks and months pass, things become difficult for them, as they are for many couples, and as young adults, it is difficult to bear, so they eventually decide to call it quits—dealing with the long distance was especially difficult due to the time disparities.

Cisto was shattered; everything that was a part of his usual daily existence was taken away from him, prompting him to withdraw to the studio and channel his emotions and sentiments into lyrics, resulting in the mesmerising melody that is Luv Killer, which he wrote over the course of four days.

Young Cisto an artist originally from Ghana, born in Italy and growing up in Oslon has been featured on YLTV,  and many other blogs have recently partnered with fellow Norwegian artists Yung Woods, best known for his hit song ‘No Straight Lines,’ to bless us with ‘Luv Killer the perfect song about love at the wrong time, a song carefully sculpted into a unique sound looking back at something that ended on good mutual terms.

This idea sprung into Cisto’s mind like a lightning bolt from the Greek Gods and from there Cisto poured his heart out in the mic. Hours flashed by and now he had ‘Luv Killer’, a representation in sound of the end of a relationship, a relationship that will never come back to life!

These powerfully diverse artists enlighten you on a whole new experience of a break-up song, with Yung Wood’s being inspired by the likes of Juice Wrld, Lil Peep and XXXTENTACTION and Young Cisto being named the Norwegian “Yung Thug.”

Luv Killer is an excellent song for anyone in or out of a relationship because it tackles the ramifications of terminating a relationship amicably as a last resort. It’s distinctive, fresh, and high hip, making it the ideal blend for a mellow late-night drive or shower karaoke song.

And the best news yet, the song is out NOW!

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