Based in lowell Massachusetts ‘True Ahmed’ unleashes new single ‘Selfish and Greedy’

Massachusetts artist True Ahmed been making music for over 10 years starting at the age of 8 learning to write and record his own music.

Finding inspiration from watching his father make music. He himself fell in love with it and decided to do it as well!

Based in lowell Massachusetts where he was born and raised he decided to follow his dreams and work his hardest to get out of his city he spends all of his free time writing songs and learning how he can record and produce the best music he can!

Currently True Ahmed is working on new projects with different vibes, flows, and genre’s.

He makes music that can relate to everybody and any story and makes his music to relatable situations and emotions.

Working his hardest to make music you like to hear!

Music that makes you reminisce on certain parts of your life!




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