Bheki Ntebe is an upcoming South African hip-hop artist and producer who goes by the stage name Bhekimali. His love for music was greatly influenced by his surroundings growing up.


NGEKE (meaning “never) is his debut single –


It was during his high school days that he identified with poetry as well as singing, from which he concluded that he would one day become a rap artist.  His hard work and determination did not deter his ambition to eventually release his 1st studio EP back in 2013 titled BLVE, on which he worked with his former group The Lab.  The EP included one of his favourite tracks “Resignation” which he had written as one of his motivations during his desk job days to one day carry out his dream of being his own boss in the music industry.

His prowess as a skilled rap artist is evident in the contribution he had made during his working days to perform and entertain at work functions. With just over 8 years’ experience in the background of the scene Bhekimali is now making his way to the fore front with the release of his solo album in 2016.


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