Breakout Hip Hop From South Africa – WO1 Release Owami Lo

Introducing WO1. A breakout Hip Hop band hailing from Newcastle, South Africa. WO1 are Khaya Mbuli (23) and Wandile Ngwenya (27). 

 Discovered in 2016, the band has been honing their sound and skills and are now ready to unleash their debut single to the market. The debut single is called OWAMI LO and is a song that will strike hot and burn for long. 

Discovered by their now manager Phila Sithole, the band are in it for the long run and realize that dreams don’t come true without real hard work and passion and drive. 

 “As youth we tend to believe that things will soon go our way just because we have a good voice and talent but we have realized that patience and discipline will take us to where we want to be” 

 “WO1 is a group that inspires the young people to follow their own dreams and ambitions and makes music that does not have age or race discrimination. Their will favors everyone”

 Self taught, the group spends half their life creating beats and sounds and honing their skill set and learning from other artists who inspire them. They find inspiration in artists Twista, Bone thugs and Harmony, Wizkhalifa and Drake to mention a few. 

WO1 have a very authentic sound, and although the initial sound is Hip Hop, they have their own distinct pure and dope sounds, beats that are universal and can appeal to everyone. 

 To W01, it is not about the money or the fame, but the music that drives them. They are ready to voice to the people what they have been whispering in the basement and backroom studios. 

Owami Lo will be out on all digital platforms on 23 August 2019

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