Chasing Dreams (Radio Edit) – GoodLuck

The rhythmic impetus of jazz and swing music of the 1930s and ‘40s is given a giddy, post-millennial electro makeover when Cape Town trio GoodLuck take to the stage. The result is usually one big joyous explosion of electronic percussion, saxophone, live synths, catchy indie-pop vocals, vivid visuals and a beat big enough to light up an entire stadium. As self-proclaimed “nerds of the music industry”, vocalist Juliet Harding, percussionist Ben Peters and sax and keyboard player Matthew O’Connell insist that beyond their love for creating dance music, no single concept or goal drives GoodLuck’s beautiful madness. Instead, the SAMA-winning three-piece simply craft songs that speak to the heart—like chart-topper “Taking It Easy”, which eventually led them to represent Mzansi as part of the 2015 Pharrell Williams world tour.
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