Closer To Me: Doc Jazz drops song you need when tired of politics

Dubai, UAE, April 19, 2019 – Are you fed up with the political turmoil that news media keep throwing at you? Are you stressed out from watching the world spiraling further and further into chaos and violence? Do you find yourself zapping away when Donald Trump launches yet another controversial statement?

Doc Jazz, himself a doctor, a surgeon actually, has the remedy for you. Although he is actually mostly known for writing songs that tackle political and social issues, he has now released a track that expresses the need to take a break from such things, every once in a while.

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It’s not only the words that are soothing; they fit in perfectly with the musical style that he chose for this track. It’s a gentle but funky slow groove, in a soul-ballad type of setting, with warm voices singing rich and sophisticated harmonies. Skilled and inspired session musicians from the USA and Australia back them up, providing acoustic drums, bass guitar, an ethereal female backing vocal, and a soulful saxophone to the track.

Doc Jazz, who sings the lead vocals and plays the keyboards and guitars in the song, helps you redirect your focus to your loved ones, and provides you with a healthy musical time out from the turbulent world of social and official media.

It is clear that Doc Jazz, a Palestinian born in the Netherlands but living and working in Dubai, has figured out how important this is. Fortunately, he has decided to share Closer To Me with the rest of the world in this beautiful, warm and well-produced song.

Despite being a full-time health care professional, Doc Jazz has a long track record in producing music, and his persona as well as his songs have been featured at various major media outlets in the Netherlands, the Middle East, and the UK.

If the song touches you, you can download a high quality mp3 of Closer To Me for free. The download link is provided in the description on the Youtube page of the song.

Please contact for more information. Radio airplay is only permissible with the artist’s approval.

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