Decadent Nation–My Kind – Review

Mixtapes come in all shapes and sizes, genres and persuasions. U.S.A alt rock masters Decadent Nation are an outfit that supply raw rock energy across the speakers like electricity flowing into our homes. Warms you up, makes you angry, makes you happy and that’s because it not only rocks, but delivers a powerful message of socio-political fingers up to the leaders that be. Punk rock did the same.

Except Decadent Nation deliver a much thicker, faster and Rage like rock experience that gets your head moving and your blood pumping. Vocals come from Colin LaVaute a strong and powerful front man of stateside musical and society notoriety and an energetic front man who actually gives a shit so he rocks it out like a loud speaker at a rally. Believe in your rights. A solid release from a rock solid rock outfit of class lets hope they smash the U.K soon – 10/10


Decadent Nations brand of high energy socio-political rock n’ roll has been quietly burning in the American underground music scene for years. Now the bands message is more relevant than ever.

Having released multiple albums to critical acclaim and touring coast to coast the band has found a new spark with a fresh lineup and a barn-burning Anti-Trump anthem ‘My Kind’.

With a new momentum the band is looking to take the mantle once worn by such acts as System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine. Decadent Nation is the new musical voice of resistance and the message has been heard loud and clear as the band have been filling venues on recent tours.

Whether it is their through-the-roof energy live performances or their meticulous musicianship DN’s blues based Alternative Rock sound is as infectiously catchy as it is powerful. The band is hard at work on new material to be released in 2017.

The line up consists of Colin LaVaute – Lead Singer/Guitar, Zack Blomberg – Drums, Devin Burrow – Lead Guitar, Cody Sprock – Bass and Jaeson Longday on guitar.

The brand new single ‘My Kind’ from Decadent nation was produced by Colin La Vaute  and recorded and Mixed by Jack Gue at A-1 Recordersis.

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