Exciting dancefloors across the nation, UK music producer ‘reblGreen’ unleashes 2 hot new singles ‘Time To Decide’ and ‘Planet Pandemonium’.

‘reblGreen’ is a UK music producer who releases two new singles ‘Time To Decide’ and ‘Planet Pandemonium’.

The first single ‘Time To Decide’ is a motivational clock themed song containing voiced female lyrics and uplifting dance music. This melodic techno track contains hidden clock related sounds. It contains subliminal sounds from Big Ben, an off beat realtime ticking clock, and other hidden clock themed sounds, how many can you hear?

‘reblGreen’ says “This song was inspired by my 11 years old son who often gives me a theme to work with. This time he asked me to create music with a clock theme and helped me with feedback while piecing the track together with FLStudio Mobile”.

The second single ‘Planet Pandemonium’ from ‘reblGreen’ has also just been released. Remember the time when we were all locked in? Corona Virus and Covid 19? Did anyone make a good dance music track out of it without sampling a leader’s voice? Well, here’s the story from the eyes of the lockdown mental asylum patients, some techno music, and a dark vocoder!

reblGreen is the artist and brand name of the England-born DJ and indie music producer, John Earnshaw, an electonic dance music artist who has been composing electronic music since the late 90s.

His first self published album “Love Left Lost” was released in January 2022, and reblGreen’s first single release “Planet Pandemonium” features the dark techno track “Your Darkest Night”. This single is aimed at exposing mental health issues through Covid-19 and the now forgotten lockdown period.

Published release of many of reblGreen’s underground trance, techno, hard house, and dance music compositions has brought the unsigned artist into the mainstream spotlight with many future EDM collaborations and solo releases planned.



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