Exclusive Interview with Mux Ryzor

What lessons have you learned working in the music industry?

Communication, patience and never to procrastinate. 

How would you suggest artists finding their sound? 

Let yourself lose, be prepared, know your lyrics all of these will help you loosen up vocally, many artists read their lyrics while recording this often keeps them from being able to focus on their own emotion. At the same time, other artists who are well prepared are shy and do not allow their creativity to run free ending with the same result.

What type of artist are you currently looking to work with?

I like artists who are different, who can add something to my production and I can add some uniqueness to their project.

What makes you stand out as a music producer?

From my experience, and knowing that I have worked with some very talented producers as well, the main difference is my classical training. I am creative, but so are most producers out there, It however comes very easy to me as theory is embedded deep inside my head, I guess that would be the main difference, often when other producers resort to their tools for confirmation, I use my mind.

What are your 2020/2021 goals for your career?

I’d like to get some more placements with big name artists, I know I am certainly capable, although I’d like to work with a variety of artists and genres, I hope to make my name one that is known around the music community.

What’s the best way to follow along your journey? 

I’d love to have my very own high end studio one day, this would allow me to carry out every aspect of the industry and have an office of sorts where people can reach me.



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