Feel Your Love – TiMO ODV

While the genre has traditionally been vitalised by a generous incorporation of African rhythmic elements, Mzansi’s local deep house scene saw a major shake-up in 2015 thanks to a young gun named Timothy Oude Vrielink. Better known by his stage name TiMO ODV, the Jozi producer/singer opted to focus more on riveting vocals and catchy bassline melodies, and the result birthed a new movement in local EDM that quickly spilled over to commercial radio and singles charts. To this day, no party is complete without this dope DJ’s creations being pumped out to an eager dance floor—“Save Me”, “Find My Way” and “Dancing Again” are all must-haves for any decent mixtape. Equally comfortable in front of or behind the mic, TiMO ODV has also used his platform over his career to collaborate with some of the game’s most intriguing players—including edgy pop angel Ryki (“Make You Love Me”), singer/songwriter Sarah Jackson (“Save Me”) and rap mogul AKA (“No!”).

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