If you are a fan of hip-hop music, you are probably acquainted with ‘Jupitxr’ who drops ‘Pure’

If you are a fan of hip-hop music, you are probably acquainted with Jupitxr, one of the most talented rappers/artists/producers in the entertainment industry today.

This criminally underrated gem has recently been making waves on the internet.  The talented artist not only creates his own beats but writes his own lyrics too. From the background music to the lyrics and the vocals, everything about his tracks is spot-on!

It is safe to say that his individual style is much different from other artists. It certainly feels like a fresh breath of air after listening to the same recycled tunes.

His tracks are upbeat, enjoyable, and have surprising depth. Most of his releases are quite popular with his loyal fan following. His fans, understandably, can’t help but gush over the remarkable music. Unsurprisingly, he has over 100k views on quite a few of his tracks.

With his own beat page and artist community, Jupitxr is a rather popular rapper in his community.

He has always believed in staying positive and uplifting others, something which is pretty evident from his music as well. The artist is also devoted and focused on improving himself and having an “attitude of gratitude” approach towards life. Full of energy, his hop-hop music is definitely worth listening to. His latest hit Pure was a phenomenal success, topping global charts and making waves on social media. His pieces restore hip-hop music to its original glory, rather than acting as a means to earn quick cash.

Another successful piece from this artist was “Connect the Dots“.

Gettin it outta the mud you gotta work extra hard

I had some friends that slimed and it broke my heart

As you can probably see, Jupitxr is a gifted lyricist with the ability to conjure up your deepest feelings. His lyrics are crisp, punchy, and at the same time, very relatable. With brimming talent, powerful vocals, and unmatched devotion, this is an artist that is completely focused on improving his craft. 

His hard work has earned him a respectable reputation in the hip-hop industry. It took a little time for him to find his voice and unique style, but now, he is all ready to make it big in the industry.

His social media accounts are worth following and his music is definitely one of a kind, something that stands out from mainstream hip-hop music. So, make sure to follow his accounts to be updated about his latest releases!


Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/jupitxr__/
Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1muhEk0jNp9OIAujUzCvz1?si=XJUmo9nCSxqfBMh64QRUyQ&nd=1

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