Interview: North West London rapper ‘Arkae’ talks about his life story as new new single ‘Risks’ gets released.

– What’s your artist name?

My artist name is Arkae.

– Where are you based?

I am, and always have been based in north west london

– Genre:

My genre is Rap, not any specific sub genre of rap, just rap.

– What’s your life story as an artist? How did you get into music?

I have always had an interest in the creative aspect of music and the playing/creating of music, this goes back as long as i can remember. In my early years as a child i had a great interest in instruments, however i moved away from music playing for a little while after i failed my music exams in school. After a year or two, around the age of 16, without even realising i had begun to discover my passion for rapping and making music, this started out as just me freestyling with my friends and eventually led to me writing my first song and releasing it. Ever since my first single release i have dropped 10 other singles and one music video, and i have no plans on slowing down in future either.

– What motivates you to make music?

What motivates me to make music is my passion for it, and the drive of trying to improve my craft continuously. I am pushed by attempting to reach my fullest potential, in both success in my career, and in my art. I also love performing, and the thought of shows/tours is a motivator for me to grow my fanbase as fast as I can, and pushes me to be more entrepreneurial in my current pursuits.

– Inspirations/influences?

My main inspirations and influences can be found in new york, rappers like Big Pun, Big L, Biggie and Sean price, have been big parts of my life since my early teenage years, where i would memorise their entire verses as i was always fascinated by the faster flows and punchlines they would incorporate into songs with creative concepts. These rappers inspired me to find my unique sound, while simultaneously influencing my art each in their own ways. Another great inspiration for me is Eminem, whos lyricism and creativity in music creation has always pushed me to work harder at my craft.

– Where have you performed?

So far i have only performed in the Loudhouse bar in shoreditch, i performed an unreleased collaboration on stage with another artist called Yosh.

– Worked with any big names?

I have not worked with any big names no.

– Any upcoming projects to mention in the bio?

No specific projects in mind however at all times i am working on at least 2 new songs so expect plenty of releases in the coming weeks and months.

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