Jerusha is Hot Stuff With New Pop Belter BLESSER

In a musical world where playing it safe is most artists’ default position, Jerusha has always been defiantly individual. With a long and successful journey in the South African music Industry, she returns after a long break with her first new material in 6 years.


Hot off the success of her previous SAMA Nominated ‘Best Pop Album’ ‘Jerushalem’, Jerusha returns with a powerful new single that not only aims to catapult her straight back into the charts but also to spread a powerful message about a controversial topic that Jerusha feels very strongly about.


The single ‘BLESSER’ was recorded in Cape Town with Leaveil Eaton from Brotherhood Productions, otherwise known as “Vally”. Having worked with Vally on her previous track “For Life” which charted at number 1 on East Coast Radio and in the top 10 on a number of regional stations, including Heart FM, this was an obvious choice for Jerusha’s new single.


When asked exactly what ‘BLESSER’ is about and what it means to Jerusha, she notes, “A “blesser” is a South African colloquialism for what many western societies refer to as a “sugar-daddy”. It is used to describe a situation where an affluent or wealthy older man “keeps” a younger women as an intimate companion, but not necessarily as an equal partner, more for sexual favors”.


The relationship is based on a mutual understanding that the wealthy man will provide the young woman with material and monetary support in return for her willingness to please the man sexually. As in many countries and cultures worldwide, it has become a relevant issue in South Africa, leading to the disempowerment and exploitation of vulnerable or desperate women.


Jerusha adds – I am strongly against the “Blesser” mentality and hope to inspire women to `bless themselves’ with this first single off my next album”.


From the artwork to the lyrics, the song is meant to create an image of the woman as her own blesser – independent, free, bold and powerful enough to take care of herself. The controversial concept and lyrics are meant to be provocative, but not run of the mill.

The imagery is fierce. “I wasn’t going for “pretty”, I was going for “strength”. This is a bold step in a new direction for me artistically and creatively with a powerful message for women”.


Jerusha, a published songwriter, formerly with Peer Music Publishing, writes all her own music and work. “The ideal set-up for me creatively, is when there are 4 people working on a track – another writer, a producer, and a sound-engineer. “Blesser” was co-written with Carla Diamond and Elise “Black Athena” Fernandez, as well as Vally”.


The reason there has been such a long time gap between musical releases is because Jerusha, a trained medical doctor, has been focusing on completing

The United States Medical Licensing Examinations where she did a residency training in Internal Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, USA


After going full circle and coming back to South Africa, she started working on her music again. Not only busy professionally but also personally, Jerusha had a beautiful baby girl, who is taking up a lot of her time these days.

As she notes – “It was during my maternity leave when I felt most inspired to write and record again. I was so tired, but something about creating life also made me want to create music again.”


With the release of BLESSER, Jerushahopes to convey a strong message to women – one of strength, courage, and perseverance. “I have tried to embellish, encourage and cherish the self-worth of a woman. I also hope it strikes a chord with the men, to remind them that there are all kinds of women in this world, both weak and strong”.


‘BLESSER’ is taken off Jerusha’s forthcoming album due for release March 2017




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