Local South African Rapper Moolanair Has The Moves Like MJ

Moolanair is a multi talented singer, songwriter, rapper and producer born in the East Rand of Johannesburg, Germiston. After dabbling in all sorts of musical projects he is dropping the debut single from his mixtape – ‘Collecting Believers’ The official first single is called ‘MJ Moves’ and is a crowd teasing mixture of groovy melodic soul Hop-Hop. As Moolanair explains – “My type of music is music with meaning and soul but at the same time you can dance and relate to it”. Tapping into genres like, Pop, Dancehall, R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap, MJ Moves is a surefire hit. 

 Moolanair’s debut single ‘MJ Moves’ is all about how many different genres he can tap into. Heavily inspired by the Jackson 5, MJ Moves is a tribute to this style of music that blends from one genre into another seamlessly and creates its own unique sound. The track was written by Moolanair, produced by KD Beats and recorded at Eyes In The Music studio.  

 Not your average Rapper, Moolanair discovered his love for music at the age of 10 at a Primary School talent show and his love for soul and pop music grew deeper after listening to Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. “I used to go on trips with my dad and he would play soulful music all the time. I never understood that type of music fully but that’s where my love affair began”. In 2008, Moolanair lost his dad and was raised by his mom, who had to provide for 4 kids. “My mom used to have to do double shifts to make sure we all stayed in school. Everyday after high school I would rush home and change and then head to the studio. That’s where I learnt about music, producing and finding my own style and voice.” Also influenced by Hip Hop Heavyweights, JAY-Z, 50 cent and J-Cole, Moolanair is not short of freshness to his rhyme and sound.

 Mostly a solo artist, Moolanair has collaborated with long time friends and fellow hip hoppers Raplyf, Kabelo Morabo, Keletso Marabo and his main man, Goodies, who features in the group Squad.

Understanding that music is the great uniter and can bring people together on so many levels, Moolanair’s aim is to connect to young kids who have gone through the same things as him and make a difference in their lives.

 With huge but humble ambitions, Moolanair has his sights on a full album but wants to introduce himself to the market slowly by releasing tracks off his mixtape.  With plans to open a small record label in the future and give untapped talent a chance in S.A, Moolanair is all about giving it back.

 “Who knows what the future holds, but my dream is to win a SAMA and a Metro Award but also just to make the best music I can, whilst bringing joy to others”.




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