‘Lonely Ville’ is ‘Okay Sages’ first pro level album release

‘Lonely Ville’ is Okay Sages first pro level album release. It is compiled with 15 tracks that bring a message of realness and rawness in an industry that is so drowned in masks. The Lonely Ville project has taken 2 years to complete and revolves around love, loss and heartbreak with a focus to stay okay.

Okay Sage is a multi million streamed music artist, producer and mental health advocate with a passion to bring a mental health focus to music. To meet others where they are whether that be on a couch at home or at work the next day. Okay Sages mission is to stay okay and bring as many others to say they are okay as possible. Okay Sage is the owner of “Okay Mental” a mental health focused advocation brand to reach those who are struggling to stay okay while also connect those in need with resources as to assist them.




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