Massaïa Records drop a masterpiece in the epic form of ‘Lewis Monbarn’ and his inspired ‘Omen’

Massaïa Records drop a mixed up world meets dance masterpiece in the epic form of Lewis Monbarn’s inspired electronic adventure ‘Omen’Mixtaped UK

At the time of composing a year of reflection and learning had passed.

Popularly known as Lodewyck, legendary producer Lewis Monbarn takes flight with his debut album Omen. Lewis Monbarn’s affinity for music has been a lifelong affair. He began creating electronic music at twelve years of age and has grown to be a moving force in the house music scene, getting the support of many international djs and having most of his releases on top of the charts. It is with this same creativity that we find his debut album Omen to be an exceptional item.

Monbarn is able to build an exemplary musical landscape that encompasses elements of industrial, electro, jungle, and psychedelia into the framework of house music. Monbarn’s production on Omen takes a cinematic route that keeps his audience intrigued with each and every transition. Omen’s exotic and tribal grooves amid post-modern measures of keyboard and synth create an aspiring view of the world through music. Monbarn infuses chants and other “sacred” voice sounds throughout Omen for increased continuity.

Omen by Lewis Monbarn is a sonic canvas of one producer’s life story that captures our own.

Lewis Monbarn’s musical fervor paints a canvas of sound with the exquisite delights of his debut album titled Omen. As Monbarn’s grooves gift good luck of sleek nostalgia across the genre of house and techno, his audience gets to enjoy this creative process. Based out of Amsterdam, Monbarn’s started creating electronic music at twelve years of age and has established an amazing legacy. Every track that he has released has charted. He has worked with Nervous Records, Datagroove, and his own new label Massaïa.

Omen is a soul-wrenched offering comprised of ten tracks. The album has an outstanding organic vibe that consists of hypnotic rhythms and tribal elements that prove to be nourishment for the body and mind. Omen’s extremely personal edge is very inviting and adds extra appeal to the overall project, even a novice of the genre will find Lewis Monbarn’s presentation exceptional.

Lewis Monbarn’s debut album is a masterpiece! Omen captures life in the post-modern world from the heart of the house music enthusiast that is equally contemplative and enjoyable. Monbarn is able to speak to us through Omen’s instrumentation and the practicality of the messages gleamed from the atmosphere that these compositions breed. Omen is an initiation into the craftsmanship of the genre itself.

Album Cover Closeup 1 - kleur

“This Album represents my journey.
This is what I have to offer.
This is what I want to share.
All the frequencies are there, now I invite you to channel it.”

– Lewis Monbarn


Massaïa Records

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