A stylish and melodic entry into the music world from South African Newcomer ‘Michelle’ and her first single ‘Going Places’

‘Going Places’ is the debut single from South African artist ‘Michelle’.

‘Going Places’ is an inspirational reminder to ignore societal limitations-boxes-rules and live fully. Take control of your life and show up as your personal best.

No comparisons – You-Do-You. You only have one life, so don’t waste it.

Michelle reflects on her personal experience I restarted my creative journey after many years of muting the call.  Life gave me a 2nd chance to engage creatively and I’m choosing to show up and create, regardless of the nay-sayers.It’s never too late to start – Stop doubting, believe in yourself and  just do it.You too should follow your heart and get excited about and high on life. Take baby steps, enjoy the process”

The new single ‘Going Places’ from Michelle will be released worldwide on Madiba Music via Universal/Ingrooves on the 22 April 2019.



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MICHELLE – YouTube channel


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